Throat Chakra Activating Silk Thread

45 EUR

This thread is designed to let you wear your Aquamarine right on your throat whenever you need it. Aquamarine has a very soothing and calming energy and as a throat chakra stone it aids with all throat related issues. It is also a powerful communication stone donating courage of expression and standing behind ones own true desires and words. Together with Blue Lace Agate and natural Turquoise they enhance each other's qualities and make a powerful combo for when you need to be heard by others, speak in public or communicate your truth. For me this is always, since that's what life is about:) This piece is so lightweight and beautiful also layered with other necklaces and malas. The genuine Indian Sandalwood beads have a calming effect on the mind and anchor you in the present moment, the only place where life happens. Silver accent beads.