Soulmate Mini Mala

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This beautiful mini-mala is truly a treasure. Made of tiny (4mm) gorgeous and precious light pink Rhodochrosite beads carefully hand knotted on pure silk and finished with a sandalwood guru-bead and gold vermeil accents. Rhodochrosite is a heart-opening stone and a strong emotional healer. It has a gentle constant flowing energy that consoles the inner child. Rhodochrosite is said to be the most effective stone for attracting ones soulmate. It heals a broken heart and is especially helpfull in healing emotional wounds from childhood. We have to heal ourself first in order to make space for letting love in. This mala is so delicate and light that you hardly feel it around your neck, yet its energy is gently strong.  And it hangs beautifully close to the heart, the best place for Rhodochrosite to hang!