The Earth and the Sky Mala

136 EUR

A 108 beads mala made with fragrant sandalwood (7mm) from India, gorgeous high grade Kyanite, Angelite, Aquamarine and Blue Lace Agate (6mm). Hand knotted on pure silk and finished with a beautiful Blue Lace Agate guru bead and silver accents. A powerful combination of rare precious blues to support your throat chakra and help you with communicating your truth. Blue Lace Agate is a powerful communication stone and has a gentle nurturing energy. Aquamarine, the stone of truth and courage, is a protective stone for travelers and has an extremely soothing energy. Angelite strengthens the connection with the spiritual world. Kyanite is one of the most purifying and balancing stones and one of those few stones that never need to be cleansed since it doesn't absorb any negative energy. Sandalwood has a calming effect on the mind and anchors you in the present moment. You will receive a mala with exactly the same stones as the one pictured, but please keep in mind that the stones and materials used are all natural and may vary in color and shape.