Finding my Dharma Necklace

65 EUR

A beautiful rare high grade Phosphosiderite bead on a silver chain. So simple, so meaningful! Phosphosiderite may not be a very well-known stone but it's energy is all the more powerful and magical. You will feel it when you wear it! It is called the stone of healing and hope. It opens and activates the heart chakra, but it's energy is quite different from the other well-known heart-healing gemstones. It's vibration is more attuned to the higher consciousness and the magic of the divine within you. It will bring a gentle calming love energy into your life. Phosphosiderite has the power to reveal us the accumulated knowledge of our past lives, so that we may better understand who we are and why we are placed upon this Earth. It can reveal us our dharma, our life-purpose and mission in this lifetime, and help us with self-realization and self-healing. Wear this stone as a reminder of staying focused on your life-purpose, your innermost intention and hearts desire. The perfect aid for finding your true path. Phosphosiderite opens also the crown chakra linking the heart to our higher self, and bringing spiritual awareness to all matters of the heart. Appropriately placed and worn between the heart and the crown as a connector between the two. Should be worn on the skin to increase it's efficiency. The beautiful silver Venetian style box chain is slightly adjustable. Maximum and minimum length are shown on the model in the picture.