Intention Mala Silk Thread

45 EUR

This simple, delicate and light weight intention Mala thread is designed to be worn as an empowering piece fortifying your intentions. Gemstones and gold vermeil beads hand knotted on natural silk. A sandalwood bead as connecting guru-bead to anchor you in the present moment. Feel the power of the gemstones on your skin. You can wear it with the two tassels on the front or on the back. The length is slightly adjustable. Can be used as choker or longer. Beautiful alone or layered together with other necklaces and malas. Available in three different options. 1. Black Onyx for strength and resilience. Onyx is the stone of strength and resilience. It brings self worth and trust in one's own power. It is also very comforting and helps to overcome moments of grief and loss. It aids also with being more focused and productive. One of the best grounding stones, Onyx will keep you strong and powerful on your life's path. 2. Labradorite for protection and magic. Labradorite is a stone of magic and one of the best protective stones. An ancient Inuit legend narrates that the Northern Lights shone down on the shores of Labrador and were captured inside these beautiful stones. It may look a gray stone at first sight, but when it catches the light it shows the full spectrum of color in its iridescence. Labradorite, the stone of magic and one of the most powerful protective stones of the mineral kingdom, will keep you protected and guided on life's journey. 3. Rose Quartz for love and kindness. Rose Quartz is the ultimate love stone and promotes infinite kindness. It attracts love in all forms and lets love flow to you and from you effortlessly.