Harmony & Balance Mala

136 EUR

A harmonizing and balancing combination of shimmering Sunstone, white and rare gray Moonstone and fragrant sandalwood from India, hand knotted on pure silk and finished with silver and gold vermeil accents. Moonstone is called the stone of new beginnings. It is a stone of feminine energy and is connected to the intuitive side of the mind. It strengthens one’s intuition and helps with living in balance with the natural cycles of life. Sunstone heals and strengthens the vitality and zest for life. It is a stone of freedom, leadership and willpower. Sunstone works on the lower chakras and being a yang stone it balances the yin of moonstone. When worn together these stones enhance each other’s qualities and work in beautiful harmony completing one another. Together they help to dispel self doubt and fear. This Mala is carefully crafted to propel you into a journey of personal empowerment and help you step into your own unique power.