Chakra Balancing Gemstone Mala

190 EUR

A precious 108 beads (6mm) gemstone mala made with seven different gemstones each one representing one of the seven chakras: garnet (muladhara, root, grounding), carnelian (svadhisthana, sacral, balance), citrine (manipura, solar plexus, empowerment), prehnite (anahata, heart, love), aquamarine (vishudha, throat, communication), kyanite (anja , third eye, intuition), amethyst (sahasrara, crown, spirituality). The quality of these beads is truly amazing! Untreated high grade gemstones to balance all of your colors! The guru bead is a 12mm faceted clear quartz bead to amplify and enhance the properties of the other beads. Gold vermeil accents. Hand knotted on pure silk.