Amplifier Earrings

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Gorgeous genuine Herkimer diamonds on silver with security locked silver ear hooks. These little gems come directly from the Herkimer booth at the Tucson Gem show. Herkimer diamonds are not actually diamonds, but are small double-terminated quartz crystals discovered in and around Herkimer County, New York. The "diamond" name is due to their small size, clarity, hardness and natural diamond-like geometrical shape; each of them having eighteen facets and two points. These are the true, natural diamonds of Mother Earth, grown naturally and not man cut. Close to five hundred million years old, these crystals are truly magical and hold ancient wisdom. Double-point quartz crystals may be found in different places around the world, but only those mined in Herkimer County can be given this name. And non of the others do compare in hardness and clarity with true genuine Herkimer diamonds. Herkimers may be little but considered the most powerful of all Quartz crystals and full of healing energy. The most powerful energy-amplifiers they are also referred to as solid light. They stimulate healing by increasing the amount of light energy in the body. Being double terminated they not only transmit their own powerful energy, but also receive energy to amplify and focus it intently. Extremely programmable, they do also magnify the influence of other stones. The Herkimer Diamond is an attunement stone, helping you to attune to another person, a group or environment. Exceptional for clearing environments and shielding oneself from electromagnetic pollution and radioactivity. Brings clarity of thoughts and transmits knowledge and awareness. A tiny but oh so powerful reminder to always shine your light!