Unique gemstone mala beads to adorn your soul.

Welcome to my online boutique. I'm so happy that you found me. My intention is to adorn you with precious and meaningful jewels that you can use as a tool for focusing on living in the present moment and to highlight that beauty which you already have within. 

Each piece is carefully handcrafted by me, Annakatja, with loving intentions using only high quality gemstones and the best materials from around the globe. 

AnnakaTaika was born from my love for yoga, nature and art. Taika is Fnnish meaning 'magic'. I aim with my creations to bring a tool for positive change making and magic in your life. My malas empower me. They are a daily reminder of kindness and love. They make me feel stronger and more open and real. And I want the same for you. I want your AnnakaTaika mala to support you on your life journey and to bring deeper meaning, strengt, joy and beauty into your life.

If you cannot find here what you are looking for, please contact me to have a custom made mala designed just for you :)

To know more about me visit my website www.annakataika.fi
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Let the mala beads choose you and make magic happen!